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released September 27, 2013



all rights reserved



A 4-piece metal act consisting of the Sherman brothers )Matt - Drums, Joe - Guitar, and Dusty - Bass) Joined by vocalist Will Abele. Were just here to write music and have fun.

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When Hammer Meets Wall:
Placate an insurrection just to buy you time.(repeat: just to buy you time)
Serenade a (mass delusion) grown within your paradigm.
Stay buried under, fearing no backlash from your strife.
All care asunder, consumed (inside) your pitiful life.
The image has been inscribed, each memory shaken (on)
A presence that you still deny, we have not forgotten.
Let's light the way to alleviate. Set fury to flame in motion, you're out of time.
(Consumed inside), We'll be the ones who (remembers always).
(Wasting your life), (searching for what you'll never find.)
Embrace your decline, (you're breaking down.)
(Our voice will be) screamed from the highest plain of a (null descending remedy.)
We have restrained the thing that gives us strength, paraded as justice.
So light the way, let your voice be the way to alleviate.
Writhe, Revel, Exalt to Excel.
Lay Cleaved to the captures you've known all too well.
When meets wall, bring the fall.
(We will live free,) not in these forms (surrounding.)
Numb to not face the (inbounding).
There will be no restraint, (This is our domain!)
Collective conscience to (live above and beyond)
Don't be surprised if you (get left behind.)
Your faked (convictions) offer an easy (way out), to pass on judgment (without understanding.)
There’s no easy way out (3)
A sheltered life with your (one-side perception), safe with the crutch that you've held for (so long.)
You only see (what you want to see,) to gain a false sense of (security.)
Stand upon the threshold, lay your name to be erased
There will be no restraint, (This is our domain)
I cannot hold to this way.
Constricting life (only in fear),But what happened to questioning (authority)?
Sever all that you believe, guided by something you can't conceive
Give as good as you were given, never forget where you made your begin.
(Look over the ground you stand on, this still means something to me
More than what they lay their claim on, stand upon the threshold)
I will live free without these forms surrounding me.
All I have, laid out for, the, world to see.
We've felt loss in chasing (all we live for.)
Each step in wrong direction, (back to where we were before.)
We should be pushing forward,( breaking the mold.)
Never at ease with "Do exactly what you're told".
Though we've been here this whole fucking time.
The only world you know is the one you've seen.
You never learned to give (without retrieving.)
Collapse to a fading call, pulse drops as the vision (obscuring).
You were Never really that in control, fall through to the absence of all light.
Out of a (hopeless song), I will scream deaf to a world that wont (hear me.)
'Cuz there must be more (to life), then simply (just stay alive.)
Hold close to the sight of a hope that has carried us (further.)
Miles away from all that has taken us closer to our decay.
The standards set in place to (conquer and divide.)
To leave us bound in conflict, (while they run away and hide).
This devolution has made us weak
No longer will we stand here, hollow in each word you've made us say?
A foolish heart with integrity will (break free) from this (consistency),
We're sinking in.
(No power in the 'verse can stop me.)
All is dead at the end of a void left cold, black and empty.
(No power in the 'verse can stop me.)
Nothings ever stopping me from what I'm meant to be.
Free from infamy
(We live, we fight, we breath) the road that leads us to decay.(we live we fight be bleed) A life built on consistency
Break Free
The righteous have broken vows, turning from their solemn purpose.How can you ever answer for this waste of youth?
Laid in waste over you
Terrified of a thought that has never left my mind.
Under constant torment in every moment I've spent not chasing what I'm after
Time will only bring this disease.
And everyday I'm alive I can't stand idly by just waiting for this to change
And now we're biting at the wrist of those who cast us down.
All who stand in our way will know us by our sound
This time we know we afford this, stand tall erase all doubt.
It's time to rally your voices before they get snuffed out.
Tearing the vice, that’s overtaking
Without sacrifice, there is no victory
Never give up, never give in
Don't let this defeat you so close to the end.
This Time you know you afford this, stand tall erase all doubt.
It’s time to rally your voices before they get snuffed out.
Air-tight shut from under-ground up
You can't shake this, don't even try
Assimilation, bestowed as the only way to get by.
Left as an example for us all They lead, we follow
*Chorus* (“To the vice…*)
So close to the end.
Live free and fight for today, let nothing else stop you.
Time tears mountain down, crumbling, shaken to the ground
Live free and fight for today.
*ending chorus*
Never give up(x2) Never give in(x2)
(Fall) into sequence, your spark is fading away.
(Far) past the pretense, you'll bend to the call that will lead you astray.
Look beyond masquerades with the guise of (morality.)
Signified by the end to show us (what we've been given.)
Every moment lost, taken as payment to the binding cost.
Grim reality constantly haunting, riddles in my dreams.
(Show me) what we were given all this time.
(While festering) in your abrupt decline.
Far reaching branches grasping our way of life.
Our wings are clipped and left disfigured.
With every last breathe we have to maintain,
Each path ends up the same.
Yet still we refuse (our lines), falling ever further (from the climb.)
Grim reality- This, will, be, cut by a tongue straight from the liars mouth.
We refuse our lines, falling ever further (from the climb.)
Track Name: GIGANTIS
We have been catalyzed
under boiling (tides).
Revived (in its majesty)
Forged in the blinding light of our atomic plight.
Every ounce (of your wretched ambition) was felt on the backs of the ones who (endure).
Leveled all we adore, You've provoked a (nuclear war).
Burn like ants at our feet
When all has fled from their eyes.
We will stand as a test of time.
Against the grain, with knowledge that some things can never be taken.
All your structures quake (in our rebirth), to the vengeful hand (of a dying Earth),
Cauterized so nothing (grows again), hail the tyrants gods of your creation.
(This will be your end.)
(extended chorus) + ....taken away, I know nothing can stop this yet or take this away
We're holding close to the thrill we get.
Our roar aimed to the superior force,this wont be ingored.
I know what your word commands, the frightened and weak-willed that suffered under your hands.
And you'll know every demand we're screaming will blood in our lungs despite you.
(Devastate them all,) bring on the (gigantic fall). Forever (at arms), defenders of the broken (abandoned.)
Bring forth the fall
Nothing alive will withstand the tide.