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released August 12, 2017



all rights reserved



A 4-piece metal act consisting of the Sherman brothers )Matt - Drums, Joe - Guitar, and Dusty - Bass) Joined by vocalist Will Abele. Were just here to write music and have fun.

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Track Name: Back At It Again
We call the shots
You'll never take that from us
Over my dead body
From a long line of "I don't give a fuck"
Comes a time when your time is up
That time is now
Are you in or are you out
Don't count on leaving without something to complain about
This is hands down the best sound from this side of town
We've been making ground
I bet you'll fuck with us now
This one's for the books
We put our lives on the line to be under these lights
Under these lights
We put our fears to the side for the chance to be here tonight, here tonight.

I don't really give a fuck if you care about me
I'll be finished when i'm done ain't no doubt about it
Up and at them With The sun getting morning rowdy
I could kill them With my tone, fuck a melody
I don't really give a fuck if you care about me
If you ain't showing no love than you probably doubting.
You ain't seeing what we done but we climbing mountains
I don't really give a fuck if you care about me.

You're just one of those who listen
We're the ones that have the vision
You don't know
You don't know
You don't know what you're missing.
This is all we know
I've said it once
This is all we know
And I'll say it again
We wont be the first to fold in this game of thrones
While you're holding onto hope
I'll cast the first stone


No one ever told me that it wouldn't be hard
Always knew that we could do it, but it's only the start
I keep a 5th of poison fluid while it's passing my heart
I let the beat become a movie now it's visual art
It's the vision the sparks
It's the ending that carves
Something everlasting, worthy of a victory March
You ain't saying nothing unless you're speaking of ours
ASC the come up, we've been reaching for stars

We'll get what's coming I know
This is the life that we chose
We'll take what's ours
You'll take what someone else told you to do
We'll take what's ours

Yeah, back at it again with the same shit
Snap open a 5th, get my brain split
Fact of it is, I'm in it for the 7th day straight this week, I need a miracle to change this
Lord can I get some help down here, I been picking up the pieces but they ain't fit
I know you see the bigger picture but this ain't it
Smoking weed throughout the day into the evening, fuck
Track Name: Nothing But Hope
Jump jump jump
While you got your bitches flicking their wrists all up in the kitchen, I'mma visit some witches and have them turn you to a midget. The shit that I'm spitting be going over your vision like a father figure and an infant throwing a pig skin. I'm sitting at the top of the building next to the pool, you wanna visit me than you can hit the button at the entrance. And there's a reason for the life that we living, we at the tip of the iceberg and by the way that we're swimming, I'm gonna finish with the digits of some beautiful women. In a minute you gone see us on Your TV with a musical mission and we'll be doing what we love and that's the reason we in it. We're always gonna change cause the world keeps spinning. With the right age comes the right things that I might think really might change why I write straight through the night. Days turn to darker shades of gray than my eyes make mends with my eyelids. Fall asleep and dream about myself flying. Let go of fear and now I'm sky diving. Fuck the city, I'mma land on top an island. start colony of people all just like me. rata tat tat in the hatch back, let me tap that pretty cat scratch when we drop tracks. I'm a half back, bet I run that back, bet a bit of liquor get her sicker than heart attack half stacks, master the craft, double the last stack, that's facts, pull up a chair, I'm making wack raps with my cap back fuck a nap sack, I don't need that, all I need is weed and some money in my cash bag. I need a second to refrain my mind from saying everything think cause it's far from right. May be a little bit arrogant but I guess that's alright. Overload with confidence so that I'm not shy. look into the mirror stare into your own eyes. can you even see beneath your own disguise. Maybe you're not seeing what you're trying to hide. Or maybe you're not happy with the way you live life. I used to stare down at my shoes. Now I keep my chin pointed towards the moon. Don't doubt yourself. Confidence helps. If you think you'll fail, you probably will. when you play the game, play it with skill. Or you'll be on the bench instead of the field. You think you know but you really don't. I've been right here and all I know is that you have nothing but hope. we're all just here to be broke. This is no confession booth. This is not pretend. I can taste the fear in you. I can make it end. You won't get no sympathy from me. Move along I need some room to breathe. Give me your attention. Your undivided attention. Give me your attention, you need to understand this.
We may be from the middle of the fucking map but we came to make you remember us ×2
Track Name: Left For Dead
I stared up at the sky on a cold dark winter night. I saw what really was and all that was a lie. I felt my future self and my ego die. I felt for once I was doing what was right. My fate is whatever I want it to be. My intuition has never lied to me. Go with my gut until my heart no longer beats. What I've got right here is something special like a symphony. They sent for me and now the sound we make is sickening. I see the future like a psychic this is it for me. we hitting every city. Gonna tell the people how we did it so they know that they can do it too but it's not fucking easy. We ain't got no cheat sheet. All we got is love for the game and the fact that we each see differently about this music shit so we're gonna take the top like we was meant for this. Let's go! I hope you listen. To all I have to say. it's always been this way. you should take notice to all we've got to prove. it's all inside of you. I saw the patterns in the way that I was living life. I felt the stitches in my back from all their fucking knives. I heard the bull shit they were speaking. Called out all their lies. I smelled the sulfur in my breath and tasted my despise. Now I see what I have left to live for. Turns out that there's nothing more.
I saw it at first from a different point of view. Through a different set of eyes. Now I'm less confused. The more I see through all the lies the less I am enthused. On a quest to conquer time and fly before it all concludes. We chose our fate. Let's make a change. Can you relate to what I'm saying. This life you made remains the same. Until you aim for better things. Most nights I'm restless. sleeping on a couch that I guess I'm blessed with. keep asking questions despite the answers. Now I'm feeling desperate. It's gonna be a long haul after all. Rough climb ahead. long way to fall. No time for rest. No time at all. Sleep when I'm dead. Die if I don't. Left us for dead. It's in our heads.
Track Name: Pour Another One
One time for you mother fuckers just like me
The ones who can't stand authority
The people who have the biggest dreams
Are always the first to take the lead
I don't mind to be up front as long as I've got a drink
Tell me something for the sake of making everything feel great and I'll give it all I've got
I make mistakes but I won't make the same ones twice unless, I just don't know how to stop
I need my mind fixed
There's Something wrong with me
I need my fix
My choice if poison please
I should have seen it coming from a mile away
I've never been the type to walk away from a good time and that's never gonna change
I put my foot down and take a stand
I do what I do because I can
If it were any other reason, I couldn't do the things that I find pleasing, god damn
It's my choice
How I fill this void
I was told when I was young, I could be anything and now I've become so much of what I thought, I'd never be ×2
But nothing will hold me back
My future depends on that
Don't take nothing for granted cause nothing is granted for you to have
You'll get what you deserve
Time to see what your worth
What's your worth?
I bet it's pennies
I can guarantee mines plenty
Counting blessings like a priest inside a yellow Lamborghini
All the bitches wanna meet me, all the fellas wanna be me cause they see me on their tv and it seems like I've got everything
Don't be fooled by your perception of me
I keep my hands tied at all times with a drink
Pour another one
This liquor gets bitter but I still want some more
My vision is blurry, my mind is fucking torn
One more drink
I just can't walk away
One more drink
Before I hit the floor

I should have seen it coming from a mile away I've never been the type to walk away from a good time and that's never gonna change I put my foot down and take a stand I do what info because I can if it were any other reason, I couldn't do the things that I find pleasing god damn
Track Name: Direction Manifest
Hope is hopeless. Faith is frail. Take a chance don't rely on all your dreams to come true. Don't act like it's gonna magically just happen to you. Your direction has to match your desired location. Greatness takes some patience, that's why only fee can make it. Stop complaining, start making changes. Adjust your thinking until you see things from a higher point of view. There must be something in the water cause we're working like there's no tomorrow. There's no time to waste or even borrow. Block the sorrow never follow. Keep your head out of the gallows. Don't be shallow. Push and pull but never change up who you are though. As the world was telling me that I should be like them, I lost connection to myself but now I'm back again. Against the fence defenselessness prevented me from living with a sense of ownership to who I am. I know who I am. You really gotta know yourself if you wanna be the things that you dream about. I wanna have a nice wife and a giant house, right along the beach where the waves roll out. here me scream about the things I've felt. feel these things so I write them down. not much changed but I'm better now than I ever was before because I figured it out. I gotta make this count. once upon a Time, I was down now I'm up and I'm out. I'm never gonna wait in line. my time is now. What's a sacrifice without a cause or reason why? What's a dream if you don't take a leap and try to fly. I live my life behind my eyes. hope is hopeless. Faith is frail. imagination broken. devotion prevails. ×3 I feel like I'm falling but I catch myself. Right before I hit the fucking ground. All my life I've wanted nothing more than this. It's about that time right now. This is all I gotta do to make these mother fuckers get up. Come rain, hail, sleet or snow. We'll be right here this is all we know. This is not the pre-game or after party. ×2 We're the ones that they talk about at the bar at their house. Got that word of mouth. Now we got them barking like the dogs are out. Another pretty lady want that autograph, yeah no doubt. Hope is hopeless. faith is frail. ×2
Take a chance don't rely on all your dreams to come true. Don't act like it's gonna magically just happen to you. Your direction has to match your desired location. Greatness takes some patience, that's why only fee can make it.
Track Name: Public Announcement
Feel like I'm running out of breath
But I'm picking up speed
I Go until there's nothing left
Nobody's out running me
come alive in the night time
Ready to go
Show me how you face the music
Let me take control

No need for you to resist it
It's coming on if you do or you don't
I need to make a public announcement
To let em know to let em know that
Something is happening soon
"I" can feel it coming
Something is happening soon
"I" know you feel it too

We'll be the ill-est that you've seen in a minute
And we ain't giving no mentions about your stupid opinions
If you're fearing what's different then what your hearing is menacing
Probably not even listening cause you know that it's infamous
Mark it on your calendar, this will be the day you heard the music made from geniuses living big.
Boy you know I'm grabbing her, every since she heard about the band I'm in she's been after the singers dick

Between a rock and a real hard place I made a choice to never work for no one ever again
Fuck the real world
There's nothing more than this

I know, that these
People have their doubts
But I would never doubt
Something I know nothing about
you don't wanna hear us out
You can get the fuck out now
I promise that I'll get it however I gotta get it though
Bust through the door like I'm tryna make little more
Money for the open road
To be on tour instead of home
No need for you to resist it, it's coming on if you do or you don't. I need to make a public announcement, to let them know.
To let them know that, something is happening soon. I can feel it coming. something is happening soon. I know you feel it too.
I always knew that this was gonna happen to me. so many restless nights. Nights with no sleep. All that I ever wanted it's always been on my noggin. I aint stopping till I'm popping off like Orval Rickenbacker. I'm a rocker with a conscious set on 20 albums dropping. If not, I'll hop in the coffin. Beddy bye bye. Off him. I saw what they got, I want it. The law couldn't even stop me. By fall I'm gonna be a problem to all of the people watching. I get what I want when I want it. It's not an option. I'm working harder, all you pussies do is soften. Mind over matter. Guts over fear. No time for chatter. The end is near.
Track Name: All In The Plot
I've been searching for solitude inside you. Constant strain on my attitude when I'm with you. Like lovers on a balcony. This can only end in agony. Stuck between the way you feel and how you feel inside. This will never be the way that you had fantasized. I make memories that make enemies of the envious. They envy us. This is what you get when you drag on the back of my coat tale. Look what I've done. The way that I can do it make you feel like you on drugs on the bed of a hotel looking for hugs. Tell them all to rise when the king shows up. Sentimental nights when I get them all to jump. I'm the mother fucker in the band that keep it coming even when they think that they already had enough. So how low would you be willing to go. I know that you are capable. Of working your way into everything that I've made. Gold digger with a curse of curves. She's got the curse of curves and I've got the cure. I don't got it yet but she knows that it's coming. Everything I've ever wanted manifested substance. Sneaking in my life. I guess that's alright because she's nasty as hell and I fucking love it. I like the way you say you love me even though you don't. I love the patience that it's taking us to take it slow. No shame in the moment. let it flow like the smoke. everybody wanna get a little bit of money but nobody want the money when you gotta go and get it on your own two feet she seen my dreams manifest outside these sheets of the bed that she sneaks in. Steadily creeping. Taking whatever she wanted from me when seduction was all that she needed to begin. She sinks her teeth way deep in. She's a succubus. She sucked me in but I can't complain. cause every hero needs an evil genius queen. Every hero needs an evil genius. Every king needs a queen for the kingdom. It's not exactly what I had in my mind. A relationship that's running off of money but why not? If this is all we've got. If everything you are is everything that I could want. You can't trust lust or love but you can trust in funds huh? Every hero needs an evil genius. every king needs a queen for the kingdom. I've been searching for solitude inside you. Constant strain on my attitude when I'm with you. Like lovers on a balcony. This can only end in agony.
Track Name: OverLoad
Who's to know the truth?
We're just caught up in our own lives. Caught up in the heat of the moment. Lost site of what I needed to do. We all need, to feel like we're chosen. To lead the way, and make it through.
Behind these doors you'll find what's yours. Behind these doors
lies what you're looking for.
Stand up if you're feeling restless. Hands up if you know what I mean. We only want to relay the message but we're stuck in between.
No more room for the simple minded. No more space for the faint of heart. Who knew it would end where it started. You never knew it was falling apart.
Take initiative. Give all you can give.
We don't pay attention to the way that we live And we don't take the time to listen to the signs that they give. Every body better be together on this Instead of sitting around just think about all the kids.
We tour it limb for limb.
we can't begin again.
You bit the hand that feeds you. Bit off more than you could chew.
You're so fucking greedy. Now there's nothing we can do. Fuck your fallacys And their meanings too. Kill off all the trees. That's what's killing you.
Climbing mountains just to see what it'd be like to fall. I hear them screaming but I'm scared to give them what they want. What's the difference in living and living for a cause. I play the game in hopes to find a way to make it pause.
You chose this vanity Over humanity. Fuck what you know
cause you really don't. You're just a worthless piece of shit. This ain't no joke. Watch how they choke. Drop the bomb, Let it explode.

Drop the bomb Watch it all go up in flames. The price of ignorance is more than you can pay. No need to apologize.
I'll see you when we all die.
Track Name: Life Like This
Just pulled up at the party. I've been feeling kinda ornery. Feel like doing something wild tonight. Got my brothers right beside me. Spent the last 8 hours driving. Parked the van and walked inside. It was everything I thought it would be. Pretty women, Lots of drink, I smell the weed. Oh yeah! I walked straight to the back of the room, grabbed a beer and found some people I could meet. Let me set the scene. Blame it on me. This isn't what I wanted to happen but I knew that this is how it would be. Every god damn thing. This isn't what I wanted to happen but it was fun and I can't take back what I did. You can't hold this against me. It happens every time. You can't hold this against me. You better get in line.

If I had the choice, I'd do it all again. This is my only downfall.
In a world like this there's no time to waste. On a night like this it all feels the same. When you live like this you don't feel no shame. You just take responsibility.

If I listen to my head it says don't. If I listen to my gut it says go. It's something in the way that it feels. It's something about the way it appeals to my senses. I've been going senseless. running around in circles. tryna make some sense with. What I have been hit with. No sticks and stones. I'm talking about that liquid, OH! Spliffs and snow. echo's in my memory. Stutters in my pride. ego to the left of me. To the right I've got my light. the situations got the best of me and that's alright.

Track Name: Make Your Move
I could tell from the second that you stepped in the room that you're not comfortable
We them muthafuckas
Roll up in your city, take your money, play a show and hit the road
And we don't need to talk about it
It's just what we do, I know you think I'm playing but I'll really bust a move
Coming around the corner with your lady and some booze
If you take a shot for me, I'll take a shot for you
Move, this all that I do
You don't know the truth
If you take a shot for me, I'll take a shot for you
This is the scene where we cut out the lights
Let the night become a horror film
You're killing time while you're killing yourselves and each other what's an overkill

Is this really what you want it to be
Is this really what you trying to do
I know you'll be the first to leave so if you wanna, you can make your move
Is this really what you want it to be, is this really what you trying to do
I would never admit defeat
So you can guarantee I'm not gonna lose

You know I'm capable of anything
You know I'm capable of anything I'm trying to do, with my hands tied, I might,
kill a muthafucka with a noose
So fuck me? Than fuck you too
I bet that you're that bitch in the back of the venue with your arms crossed waiting to leave
Staring at the girl up in the front that's been reaching for my nuts cause she came to watch me sing
And I don't mean to sound so rude but if you disrespect me I disrespect you
I don't mean to sound so rude
But if you disrespect me I'll disrespect you

This is the anthem for the ones just like us
Waging a war inside your mind
Never growing up never growing old never giving in to what we're told ×2


I through my lighter off the balcony again. I threw a lot away a day ago when I was looking in. I thought a little more suspense could make a difference in the sense that we can never make it out alive unless we make it in. I've been feeling angel with intention to sin. feeling like a loser with intentions to win. I've been drinking lots of liquor out the bottle but I don't intend to drown away my sorrow, I'm just making amends.